Our pledge, your peace of mind

Setting the Bar Higher

We care. We care a lot. It's the reason we established the standard we stand by today.

We dive deep, asking the critical questions, verifying facts, and doing our utmost to ensure that every product you encounter through us upholds our principles of safety, efficacy, and integrity. This commitment to care shapes our meticulous selection process, ensuring we bring you options that truly make a difference in your life and respect the world we all share.


The Never Ever (Ever) List™

We believe in a world where safer, more sustainable products are the norm, not the exception. That’s why we've established a stringent list of chemicals and ingredients you will never find in our products. This list, crafted with both safety and sustainability in mind, is our pledge to you — ensuring a selection of products free from substances with known or suspected risks.



Product Integrity

Safety is paramount in our mission to provide you with exceptional products. We work with brands to secure testing reports, which may include analyses for contaminants, heavy metals, microbial presence, among others, depending on the product category and ingredients used. This ensures a broad spectrum of safety checks tailored to each item's unique composition.


Claims You Can Trust

We take every claim seriously. For products boasting third-party certifications, we diligently verify these claims with the certifying authorities themselves. When a product asserts organic or similar virtues without official certification, we request substantial evidence to back up these assertions. Our aim is clear: to bring clarity and credibility to every claim, ensuring you can shop with peace of mind.

Raw Lily Fragrance Transparency


Total Transparency

Did you know that over 3,000 ingredients can hide behind the word "fragrance" or "parfum"?

Understanding what’s in your products shouldn't be a puzzle. We advocate for clear, honest information about every ingredient, every claim. We require brands to disclose the specific elements that comprise their fragrance listings, demystifying the scents and ensuring a clear understanding of what you’re applying to your body.

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